[Hawthorn and Salvia effect]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Hawthorn and Salvia effect]_Benefits_Inevitable

Everyone knows that hawthorn has various effects such as stomach-building and digestion-elimination, fat-elimination and fat-reduction, and lipid-lowering and blood-pressure reduction, while Danshen has the effects of promoting blood circulation, relieving stasis and relieving pain.

These two kinds of ingredients are very good for our body and are very good health care ingredients.

Can they drink water together?

The answer is yes.

Hawthorn and Salvia miltiorrhiza can produce many functions, and also have the function of preventing diseases.

First, the effect of hawthorn and salvia miltiorrhizae blood circulation and blood stasis will not hurt the righteousness, it is beneficial to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hawthorn Jianwei Xiaoshi, Quyu Xiaozhi Xiaoji, lipid-lowering, blood pressure, strengthening heart.

Hawthorn and Salvia miltiorrhiza combines the efficacy and nutritional value of Dan participating in hawthorn, has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, is suitable for patients with qi deficiency and blood deficiency, and hyperlipidemia and hypertension caused by arteriosclerosis.Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have certain preventive effects.

Second, the effects of Danshen Danshen can promote blood circulation, relieve stasis and relieve pain, and clear the heart and relieve annoyance. It is very suitable for women with irregular menstruation and female friends with dysmenorrhea. In addition, it is also useful for chest and abdominal tingling and accumulation of symptoms., Upset, insomnia, angina pectoris, etc. all have very good curative effects. Danshen also protects the brain fracture, and can also protect the heart.

In addition, it can also resist anti-atherosclerosis and reduce blood lipids.

Third, the effect of hawthorn Hawthorn can reduce blood lipids, lower blood pressure, anti-arrhythmia and enhance the function of the heart, in addition, it also has an appetizing spleen, stomach and digestion, blood circulation and phlegm.

Hawthorn contains flavonoids. This kind of cancer can prevent the cancer, so that the growth of nanoparticles in the human body can be transformed and inhibited.

4. Hawthorn can’t be soaked with water Hawthorn can’t be soaked with lemon to drink, it will cause certain errors to the body and affect digestion and absorption.

Fifth, the practice of Danshen Hawthorn Tea 1.

The hawthorn was pitted, washed, and cut into pieces.


Salvia is washed and cut into slices.


Put the hawthorn and salvia into the stew cup, and add 200 ml of water.


Boil with wuhuo, and simmer for 15 minutes 5 with simmering fire.

Then remove the dregs and leave the juice, add sugar and mix well.

Six methods of lowering blood lipids 1.

A bowl of rice cereal for breakfast Only one bowl of rice cereal is eaten for breakfast for 8 weeks, which can reduce the concentration of “bad cholesterol” in the blood by 10% and increase “a little bit better”.

Rice cereal is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers, which can prevent the absorption of plasma and fat in the gastrointestinal tract.


Half a bowl of beans and parmesan beans for lunch are cheap, safe, and effective lipid-lowering foods. As long as half a bowl of beans is eaten at noon every day, the “bad cholesterol” concentration can be reduced by 20% within 8 weeks.


Eating three cloves of garlic for dinner three times a day for 8 weeks can also reduce the “bad plasma” concentration in blood by 10%.

And it is definitely eaten raw or cooked with good results.